Team Work

There is a familiar saying that “culture eats strategy for lunch every day.” Our role is to help you build and maintain a positive performance culture that we call a Winning Spirit. We are called when organizations can’t afford to misfire, slow down, or when strategic projects are at risk. We don’t replace management or project planning teams, but augment them with specific insights, skills, resources and an unbiased perspective to deliver outstanding team performance.

Man jumping with bungee cord
One climber pulling another up over a rock

We know what it takes to build the foundation of high-performance team culture. Successful teams get real about the difficult issues, communicate directly, and focus on what’s necessary to propel the business forward. Building a winning team takes dedicated effort and expertise, and developing a culture that will deliver positive results. Our work is specifically focused on improving the intangibles. Setting clear expectations, giving and receiving feedback, clarifying roles, listening, and engaging in courageous dialog all improve engagement. Likewise, courage,  presence, trust, confidence, connection, and appreciation deliver a hard performance edge.

We are usually called to help:

  • When an new leader takes the helm
  • Newly forming teams or business units 
  • Merged companies or business units
  • Critical, complex projects with high risk
  • Teams under  pressure to recover or drive large scale change 
  • When culture is negatively impacting momentum and performance

We focus our work where most needed and where there is an opportunity for the greatest impact. Our focus may shift as we discover more, but the initial objectives are to create tighter cohesiveness, grow individual leaders, and increase the speed of the actions that the team needs to deliver together.

7 essential for team success infographic

Our team alignment and development program is built around our Seven Essentials for Team Success. Each session is designed to help the team work through each of the seven steps. We use a combination of a socratic approach, facilitated coaching, workshops, working retreats, and specialized collateral to guide the team through this work.

The dynamics within each team are unique, and we will customize your program depending on specific needs. The work may require varying amounts of time on each fundamental based on the team tenure and experience of working together. We also provide 1-on-1 support for individual team members and the facilitation of key relationships throughout the process.

We focus on what's necessary to help
you win