Performance Coaching

We coach others to become more aware of their strengths and gaps, build confidence, relate better with others, establish effective leadership practices, and create a winning spirit within their team and company. These intangibles turn into measurable business results including:

  • Improved performance, focus, and productivity
  • Accelerating change and growth
  • Recruiting and retaining top talent
  • Greater impact through inspiration
  • Faster decisions because of better collaboration, communication, and trust
  • Increased engagement by the leadership team and the organization

The approach begins with your  Self-Assessment created in sessions with MVP. We will explore your perception of your individual vision, strengths, weaknesses, gaps, and challenges before getting feedback  from others.

Next, MVP conducts confidential interviews to gather feedback. Using this information, we develop a Scouting Report. This report maps the results of the Self-Assessment with the observations and perceptions of others. This interview list may include leaders, peers, and individuals that he/she works with on various projects and initiatives. We also frequently include friends and family in the process, as they add valuable perspective. This Scouting Report is not an assessment, but rather the backbone of a leadership growth plan. While the leader is free to share it with others, the Scouting Report will not be distributed to others by MVP.

Finally, working in partnership with each leader, we will create daily practices to shift behavior, develop productive habits, work through difficult issues, and achieve measurable growth.

We use Winning Spirit Business principles and practices in this work and will meet at regular intervals to deliver and measure impactful change.

We are skilled at improving cross-functional teamwork for any challenging project