Team Performance

While we both care more about your results than our methodology, it’s good to know we have one.

Our Methodology is built to deliver results.

We start by working with you you to define tangible vision of winning, and then can identify what needs to change . Only after that can we push those fundamentals that have the highest impact and greatest leverage.

The formula is simple. Identify the right fundamentals for your team and situation.; practice courage, honest feedback, connection and trust; be rigorous about follow-through; deliver results.

Our Process has four primary stages providing flexibility within a clear structure.

  • Our Scouting takes an honest look at the individual and team strengths, weaknesses and other dynamics that are positive or are getting in the way of success. As outside experts we quickly and objectively assess the situation.
  • During TeamWork we align and focus the team on what it means to win, and the actions and behaviors necessary to improve performance and drive cultural change. We use our Seven Essential Model to frame the work needed to be successful.
  • GamePlan is created and agreed on by the team that is a tailored follow-through program to actively support achieving your objectives.
  • Score is kept through measurement  designed to be meaningful to your business. Once your initial objectives are achieved we focus you on what is next.

Our team performance System is based on our Seven Essentials Model.

Our leadership and project team programs integrate each of the Seven Essentials of Team Performance into the team’s day-to-day process and working culture.

We design a series of facilitated meetings, working sessions, coaching and workshops to build each of these elements for a team.

We document goals, strengths, roles, common language and playbooks as the team creates them.

We provide ongoing feedback to sponsors and leaders.