Company Culture

Don’t Let Culture Eat Your Strategy for Lunch

Changing culture and engagement requires hard and skilled Change Management work at individual, team and organizational levels.

We combine the delivery of all our proven programs: scouting reports, self-assessments, executive coaching, leadership teamwork, workshops, and development of cross-functional project teams, into a single program designed to improve company culture.

Our approach is ‘inside out.” We help you identify the core values that have driven you to past success. Then we turn those values into the simple behaviors and attitudes that improve performance, teamwork, commitment and engagement.

How It Works

Manifest a Vision

Inspiration is a magical force. It fuels extra effort and confident action. Manifesting inspiration takes a special skill and talent.

We specialize in integrating tangible and intangible dimensions in our work with executives, the leadership team and across the broader company. We will create a common cultural language and help to create an attitude and energy that accelerates the change.

We use Winning Spirit Business principles and practices to define the positive behaviors most essential to achieve your vision.

Create a Wave of Follow Through

Cascading this work throughout the organization and following through on commitments is essential for momentum and impact. We will translate the new cultural norms into positive behaviors and practices. We develop a communication platform to keep the values and behaviors top of mind.

We design and deliver a series of internal workshops and experiences to help teams take ownership. We also directly support cross-functional project teams to demonstrate the change in action. This enhances organizational trust and employee engagement. We create momentum and drive it deeper into the company.

Deliver With a Plan

We know what it takes to define and drive cultural change, and that success or failure may be determined by the team members’ resiliency, trust, and courage to drive change and inspire the broader organization.

Leading a cultural shift requires skills, experience, and a specialized process to manage the unique challenges and risks. We break down this work into proven steps to include scouting, getting the team on the same page, and following through with specific programs.

Along the way, we become trusted advisors through our willingness to open essential and courageous dialog. Your success is our only objective.