Executive Coaching

Our  Performance coaching is designed to take the leader to the next level. We use a unique and proven methodology combining real feedback, impactful questions and practical exercises designed to increase skills, connection, energy and motivation.   We help leaders focus on and deal with the critical issues.

We create a customized experience for each client. This flexibility is achieved within a four-phase structure that insures results and caters to the needs and situation of each leader.

  • The approach begins with a rigorous Self Assessment.  This thoughtful reflection creates a foundation for discovering and developing an authentic leadership vision.
  • Next we conduct confidential interviews to gather feedback. Using this information, we develop a Scouting Report. This report maps the results of the Self Assessment with the observations and perceptions of the leader’s inner circle. This includes peers, superiors and subordinates, as well as friends and family.
  • Performance Coaching is the heart of developing  skills and highly functioning relationships. Working in partnership with our clients, we create daily practices and rituals to shift behavior, develop productive habits and achieve measurable results. We use Winning Spirit Business principles and practices in this work.
  • The final phase is Measuring Improvement. We monitor progress with mutually agreed on schedules, milestones and expectations.